Setting Up the Integration - Netsuite

Prior to starting the integration, your Integration Manager will share a detailed questionnaire. This questionnaire will help JOOR determine which customizations are needed to support the integration.
- The questionnaire will includes questions about your Netsuite setup, such as the types of items you want to sync to JOOR, the volume of data you are syncing, and any additional details regarding your customized fields and workflows.


Note, this initial questionnaire is crucial for structuring the rest of your integration project. Be mindful of providing answers that consider not just the current state of your Netsuite, but any future plans that the integration might need to accommodate.

A NetSuite integration takes a variable amount of time to setup, depending on customizations required and testing length. This time includes:

  • Discovery
  • Deployment
    • Development time depends on complexity of customizations
  • Review
  • Testing
  • Migration
    • True setup time depends on the number of customers needed to add to the account

Depending on test results, further iterations of review and testing may be necessary (this will affect overall project timeline).

These are rough estimates of a timeline, but are dependent on complexity of customizations and volume of data.