Orders - Zedonk

Order Sync

  • Only orders that have been approved in JOOR will be available for the import to Zedonk.
  • After an order is approved, it can take up to an hour before it is ready for import.
  • Once an order is ready (showing export status = success), trigger the import to Zedonk through the connector.


Depending on your connector settings, orders might be imported into Zedonk as Unapproved. Open and Approve them manually in Zedonk if necessary.


For more information, see Zedonk's documentation here.


  • Can you specify order data for the integration?

    No, customization is not possible for the order flow.

  • If an order does not sync, where do I go to find the error?

    The first step is to check the export status in JOOR to ensure it shows a success. If it shows an error, hover over it to see the export message. If it shows success, press the order import task in Zedonk. If the order still does not appear in Zedonk, be sure to review the log in Zedonk for more details.

  • How can I know that an order is ready for import to Zedonk?

    Once approved on JOOR, orders can take up to an hour to be made ready for the import to Zedonk. When an order is ready to be imported to Zedonk, the export status in JOOR will show success.