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View our Mapped Fields - AMC page to find how specific fields are mapped.


Since ApparelMagic Cloud is sending data to JOOR, any changes to that data should be made in ApparelMagic Cloud, which will then send updates to JOOR.

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The integration creates and updates styles on JOOR based on style information on ApparelMagic Cloud. On ApparelMagic Cloud, styles must be marked as "SYNC" under E-Commerce > JOOR Product Configuration, as well as under E-Commerce > JOOR SKU Configuration.

When syncing styles from ApparelMagic Cloud to JOOR, all defined price groups (in the defined currencies) will be synced to JOOR as separate prices. The MSRP for each price group will be sent as the overall style's MSRP converted into the currency specified on the price group at the current exchange rate (at the time the style was synced).

Please see the Styles, Images, and Linesheets - AMC page with further details on how to set-up and send styles from ApparelMagic Cloud to JOOR. In addition, our Mapped Fields - AMC page will detail the fields that are sent from ApparelMagic Cloud to JOOR, which is a great reference for you to know exactly what data will be sent to JOOR.


The style integration is one-way, meaning the data will be sent from ApparelMagic Cloud to JOOR and not the other way around. As a result, it is our recommendation to create styles on JOOR only by the integration, otherwise you may run into issues when attempting to sync your orders back to ApparelMagic Cloud due to a mismatch of data.


The integration adds style-level, color-level, and swatch images to styles/colors on JOOR based on images stored on ApparelMagic Cloud. Your images will automatically update when your style data updates.

Users are also able to turn off the image integration if they prefer to manually load images directly into JOOR.

To learn more about the image sync, please see the Styles, Images, and Linesheets - AMC page.


The integration creates linesheets and adds styles to them based on the season the style is assigned to on ApparelMagic Cloud. Users can also manually create and manage their own linesheets on JOOR.


The integration sends inventory quantities to JOOR by SKU using the values from the "Stock Field" setting in the JOOR plugin.

Inventory syncs from ApparelMagic Cloud to JOOR either automatically when users change inventory units on ApparelMagic Cloud or manually when users prompt ApparelMagic Cloud to sync style data to JOOR (inventory automatically updates when style data is updated).


The integration only supports syncing stock data to one warehouse, which is configured on the JOOR plugin within ApparelMagic Cloud. Only immediate inventory will be sent to JOOR based on the "stock" field in ApparelMagic Cloud.


Through the integration, customers are initially uploaded from ApparelMagic Cloud into JOOR by the JOOR Data Services Team. JOOR's "customer code" field is populated with the JOOR code found in the Customer Record on ApparelMagic Cloud.

On an ongoing basis, when triggered on ApparelMagic Cloud, updates to existing customers (along with new customers) will sync from ApparelMagic Cloud automatically. The matching of customers is based on the JOOR "customer code" field.

Please see the Customers - AMC page for details on how to send customers from ApparelMagic Cloud to JOOR.


New customer records that are not already on JOOR must be processed by the JOOR Data Services Team. It will typically take 2-3 business days for new customers to then become visible on your JOOR account. This SLA can vary if you send a large list of customers to JOOR.


The integration will retrieve orders from JOOR that have a status of Approved or Shipped (depending on the integration settings). ApparelMagic Cloud will attempt to sync orders every 15 minutes.

Users can also manually prompt orders to be retrieved from JOOR by ApparelMagic Cloud at any time. If there is an error, orders will remain on JOOR until the errors are remedied. Users can identify the cause of the errors by looking at the ApparelMagic Cloud logs for the specific reason behind the failure.


You'll know that an order has successfully synced to ApparelMagic Cloud when you see a Success message in the "Export Status" column on the JOOR order page.