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Inventory Sync

Inventory is pushed to JOOR automatically once it has been modified in ApparelMagic, usually within the next minute. When you initially export a style from ApparelMagic to JOOR, inventory data will also be sent alongside the style.



  • Is ATS supported?

    Yes, from a single warehouse that is specified when setting up the integration.

  • Is future inventory supported?

    No, ApparelMagic does not send JOOR dates associated with the inventory data so all inventory is considered to be immediate.

  • Is carryover inventory supported?

    No, carryover is not supported.

  • Are multiple warehouses supported?

    No, multiple warehouses are not supported.

  • How often does inventory update?

    Inventory is updated once it has been modified in ApparelMagic.

  • Is inventory sent as a full update or only the change from the last update?

    Only the changes since the last inventory are sent. It is not a full update of all inventory levels.

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