Customers - Zedonk

Customer Sync

  • Customer Account Codes on Zedonk must match the Customer Code on JOOR to update the correct information.
    • If the codes do not match, a new customer will be created instead.


For more information on the Customer import through the connector, see Zedonk's documentation here.


  • Can you specify customer data for the integration?

    No, customization is not possible for the customer flow.

  • Can multiple addresses be sent for a single customer?

    Yes, multiple billing or shipping addresses can be sent for a customer based on the Zedonk Account Addresses and Delivery Addresses respectively.

  • How do you send new customers to JOOR?

    After creating new customers in Zedonk, make sure they have an account number then use the customer task in the connector to export them to JOOR.

  • How do you update existing customers on JOOR?

    Using the customer task in the connector will push for update (or creation) of all customers with an account code in Zedonk.

  • Is buyer information sent through the integration?

    Yes, buyer information on JOOR is tied to the default contact on Zedonk.

  • How do I delete a connection I no longer need?

    Unfortunately, the integration does not handle customer deletion. Connections need to have their customer code removed from JOOR and then deleted from JOOR if no longer needed.

  • How can I restrict a customer from being synced with JOOR?

    Any customer without an account code in Zedonk won't be included in customer integration between JOOR and Zedonk.