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Inventory Sync

Inventory is manually synced to JOOR using the Stock - Export tasks.


Please be sure you correctly set up export settings in Zedonk before syncing inventory stocks. See Zedonk documentation here.



  • Is ATS supported?

    Yes, ATS is supported from the warehouse you have in Zedonk. For more details, please see the Zedonk ATS article.

  • Is future inventory supported?

    Yes, you can choose to export "FUTURE AVAILABLE TO SELL" stock to JOOR. Note, the future availability date Zedonk will send to JOOR is the Product line Start Date from the production docket.

  • Is carryover inventory supported?

    No, carryover inventory is not supported.

  • Are multiple warehouses supported?

    No, only a single warehouse is supported.

  • How often does inventory update?

    Inventory is updated each time you manually trigger the stock export in Zedonk.

  • Is inventory sent as a full update or only the changes from the last update?

    A full update of the inventory is sent anytime you manually trigger the export.

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