Orders - Netsuite

Order Sync

Selectively Syncing an Order from JOOR

  1. Ensure orders are approved on JOOR before attempting to sync with NetSuite.
  2. In the menu bar, select Unified Connector > Unified Connector > Dashboard.

  1. Expand the Selective Sync section in the left sidebar and then click Import Sales Order.

  1. Enter the JOOR PO# OR if you are using customer PO#s, enter the internal order ID.
  2. You will see the sync attempt in the dashboard.

How to Re-export an Order to NetSuite

  • If you need to make a change to an order that has already been exported to NetSuite successfully, you will need to delete the order in NetSuite before re-importing from JOOR. If the sales order exists in NetSuite, the integration will not re-import or overwrite the order.
  1. Make the necessary changes in JOOR.
  2. Delete the original sales order in NetSuite.
  3. Set the order to re-export from JOOR.
    • Note: The export status will change to Failed. This is expected.
  4. Once the order has re-imported into NetSuite, the export status will change to Success.

How to View the Error Logs

  1. From the Unified Connector Dashboard, expand the Sync and General Logs section and click Failed Record Queue.

  1. You can filter the logs based off of Record Type (e.g. item, sales order, customer). Find the relevant record and resolve based off the detail in the Error Msg column.
    • Some common order errors:
      • Missing UPCs on the items in JOOR
      • Missing customer code


        For a list of all the most common error messages, please see Common Errors - Netsuite.

  2. Once the error is resolved (typically by entering missing required data), you can click the green RESYNC button in the log to resync that item.



  • How often do orders sync?

    Orders can sync as often as every 15 minutes.

  • Can you customize order data for the integration?

    Yes, you can customize order data. Please discuss any customization needs with an Integration Manager.

  • Is the order sync manually triggered or automatic?

    Order sync is automatic, but can also be manually triggered for specific PO#s.