Inventory - Netsuite

Inventory Sync

For any inventory data to sync, the styles must be set to sync to JOOR. See Styles, Images, and Linesheets - Netsuite.



  • Is ATS supported?

    Yes, ATS is supported by the integration.

  • Is future inventory supported?

    By default, no, future inventory is not supported. But customization can be added for this.

  • Are multiple warehouses supported?

    Yes, multiple warehouses are supported by the integration.

  • How often does inventory update?

    Inventory can sync as often as every 15 minutes. This can be configured with your Integrations Manager.

  • Is inventory sent as a full update or only the change from the last update?

    Inventory is sent as the changes from the last inventory sync.

  • Can I customize inventory data calculation for the integration?

    By default, ATS is sent, but this can be customized. Please discuss this with your Integrations Manager.

  • Is inventory sync manually triggered or automatic?

    Inventory sync is automatic on the time interval set.