• Accept: application/xml OR application/json
  • Content-Type: application/xml OR application/json
  • Authorization: OAuth2 [Base64 encoded token]


color_codeXStringColor code. If provided “size” also required.
sizeXStringSize name. If provided, “color_code” also required.
upcXStringIf provided, “color_code” and “size” will be ignored in favor of UPC match.
inventoryYStringThe inventory amount for the SKU.
inventory_dateNStringDate assigned to the inventory positions. Can be in YYYY-MM-DD or MM-DD-YYYY format.
warehouseNStringThe warehouse name in which the inventory positions should be stored. Must be set up in JOOR before loading.
dec_pendingNInteger [0,1]Value of "1" makes pending quantities deducted from incoming quantity to populate the available to sell. If not included in the request, the default is dec_pending = 0

Request Examples

PUT | https://api.jooraccess.com/v2/style-number/00123/ST1234566/inventory/?color_code=001&size=M&inventory=123
Updates the inventory based on item SKU (Style Number + Color Code + Size)

PUT | https://api.jooraccess.com/v2/style-number/00123/ST1234566/inventory/?upc=8001234567898&inventory=123
Updates the inventory based on UPC (note, UPC will need to have been previously inserted)

Response Field Details

sku_countIntegerThe total number of style – color – season – size inventory updates performed.
inventory_logN/AContainer for the update log
skuStringA concatenated version of the SKU data provided in the request
inventory_log_idUUIDThe unique JOOR ID for the transactions
statusStringA pass/fail response for each inventory request