Once a style library has been created on JOOR using the Style Creation API, style images can be uploaded and associated to either the style or the style color. The endpoint is used to associate the posted image to the associated style or style color. An image may also be assigned to a style as a “swatch” providing end users with a detailed image of the fabric(s) used to produce the style. This is also controlled by the optional endpoint parameters.


Imaging Standards

Product images should be 660x900 pixels or a larger multiple of this ratio such as 990x1350, 1320x1800. The larger the image size, the greater the zoom for the product.

Images must be uploaded as image type JPEG or PNG (.jpeg/.jpg/.png) with a maximum individual file size of 4MB.

Color swatch images should be 200x200 pixels.

Please refer to these articles for more details:


Post with Binary or URL

Images can be uploaded by either uploading binary data (https://www.getpostman.com/docs/postman/sending_api_requests/requests#binary) in the body of the request or by posting a URL path to the image (available publicly on the internet) using an encoded query string parameter.

Please be sure to use the appropriate Content Type Headers when implementing either method.






  • Accept: application/xml OR application/json
  • Content-Type: image/jpeg
  • Authorization: OAuth2 [Base64 encoded token]