Consider the Bulk Connections Endpoint

The Bulk Connections endpoint will automatically update all aspects of customer data when a matching customer code is found in the account.

The JOOR Connection API allows integrated clients to GET data related to their connected retailers on JOOR, and update (PUT) the customer-specific data for each individual connection, including price types, addresses, shipping and payment methods, etc.

JOOR uses the data sent via the Customer or Bulk Connection API to match your data to our existing retailer database and connect you to your retailers. The Connection API allows you to review these matches, and manage the data related to each connection.

The JOOR Bulk Connection API allows clients to upload multiple connections in a single request. Posting data to the Bulk Connection API will create a background job that will be processed in the order that jobs are received. The status of a bulk connection job can be obtained with a GET request. The jobs can also be configured to send you an email when they finish; if you are interested in this, please contact your account representative.


Customer Identifier

You can reference a connection in two ways:

  1. By the customer code you have set for your connection to a retailer.
  2. By the connection_id, which is JOOR’s internal ID number for the connection. This data is provided in the GET Connections endpoint as the customer_account_id.








  • Accept: application/xml OR application/json
  • Content-Type: application/xml OR application/json
  • Authorization: OAuth2 [Base64 encoded token]