Style API Updates

As of July 2020, we have started rolling out new APIs for style and collection data. Please reference the New SKU Styles section in the left menu for documentation on the new authentication process and endpoints.

Any new style integrations must be using these new APIs moving forward. The legacy style APIs will still be available indefinitely, and can be referenced in the below section for Legacy Styles.

The Legacy JOOR Style API allows clients to upload and edit their entire style master or create, edit and delete individual styles. Style catalog management within the JOOR platform supports multiple currencies/price types, as well as custom coding for colors, materials, sizes, and UPCs. The Styles API also supports the upload and association of images to styles and style-color combinations.

The Legacy JOOR Bulk Style API allows clients to upload multiple styles in a single request. Posting data to the Bulk Style API will create a background job that will be processed in the order that jobs are received. The status of a bulk style job can be obtained with a GET request. The jobs can also be configured to send you an email when they finish; if you are interested in this, please contact your account representative.








  • Accept: application/xml OR application/json
  • Content-Type: application/xml OR application/json
  • Authorization: OAuth2 [Base64 encoded token]