• Accept: application/xml OR application/json
  • Authorization: OAuth2 [Base64 encoded token]

Request Example

DELETE | https://api.jooraccess.com/v2/style-number/00123/ST1234566/image/?filename=abc123.jpg
Would delete an image associated with a style


Image Deletion

Only Style level images can be deleted. Color and Swatch images can only be overwritten.

In order to retrieve the correct image filename, the Style GET call should be used. As part of our upload process, a randomly generated string is appended to any image files uploaded to JOOR.

Response Example

  "style_image_deleted": {
    "response": "3fca0829-6c12-44ee-9300-21ff27ba4bb5"
  "image_deleted": {
    "style_number": "Test Style 3",
    "style_identifier": "TEST STYLE 3",
    "upload_id": 4822671