Definitions and Conventions

This section outlines definitions for data elements and general functionality that apply universally to the JOOR API. It also outlines the general documentation flow for each section of the JOOR APIs.

Documentation Standards

JOOR v4 API documentation is divided into the following section

  • API Reference - endpoint URLs, request/response, test requests etc.
  • Guides - an essential how-to guide to get something done via APIs
  • Recipes (coming soon) - workflows with code samples
  • Partnership Integrations (coming soon) - documentation for integrations built by our partners (ex. ERPs)

How to Use API Reference

To the get most out of JOOR API reference documentation, please click on "Add Object" in the "BODY PARAMS" section. This will open up the reference documentation, and it will help you create a sample request, which you can then use to test the API right here through the documentation or copy/paste into your favourite API testing tool.

Every GET and POST request will have the "BODY PARAMS" section, which looks like this:


Required Fields

Required elements are marked with a red "required" text in the API reference section. Here is an example


Supported Formats

The JOOR v4 API supports JSON format.


All date fields sent and received by the JOOR API must be in YYYY-MM-DD format.