API-v2 / Get Orders - 03/14/2023

Added check to the list of optional parameters for Get Orders.

API-v2 / Zedonk ERP Documentation - 03/14/2023

We have published guide documentation for Zedonk.

API-v4 / Create Orders - 03/08/2023

Added optional type parameter to Orders POST endpoints.


API-v4 / Authentication - March 17, 2021

The response for a v4 token has changed slightly.


API-v4 / Product - 03/17/2021

You can now store an external_id for the product traits of Division, Silhouette, and Fabrication.


API-v4 / Product - 03/15/2021

You can now add custom tags to your products.


API-v2 / Inventory - 02/02/2021

New parameter "dec_pending" to make JOOR's pending quantities deducted from the available to sell received in the API call.


API-v4 / Product - 02/01/2021

Store your own identifier value for products, using product_identifier.


API-v4 / Order - 01/21/2021

Update the order status (e.g. Pending, Notes, Approved) on your existing orders.


API-v4 / Order - 01/12/2021

Create a draft order that can be viewed in the web cart page.