API-v4 / Order Line Item - 01/06/2021

Add a new line item and quantities to your order.


API-v4 / Product - 12/18/2020

Added image information to the product API.


API-v4 / SKU - 12/01/2020

Allow the status of a SKU-color trait to be updated. Available statuses are ACTIVE and INACTIVE.


API-v2 / Order

"export_status" param can now take values 6 & 7:
6 = not yet exported (failed excluded);
7 = 6+4. If not included in the request, the default is export_status=1 if sync=0, otherwise the default is export_status=2 if sync=1


API-v4 / Collection - 11/03/2020

We now display the visibility of the collection. Available values are OWNED (only visible to the admin creator), SELECT (only visible to select retailer), or ALL (visible to all connections).